Known Associates


Sharing Wolf Brigade’s Physical Philosophy

This. Is. Exciting. The undercurrent that we have been helping drive and watching grow has finally swelled to the point that the interest has demanded action. We chose to act by connecting the dots, and formalizing our network. This access point will allow people, nationally and internationally, to apply our program at vetted facilities. The fact that people worldwide are hungry for and ready to apply actual detail to their training (and the related philosophy and mindset) shows a tidal shift that is going to travel as far as we tell it to. Our site contains a nearly 8-year library of detailed sequential training days, articles, videos, and movement descriptions. There is now also a responsible network in place to help interested parties apply them.

Thought that always equals action, but never action minus thought; One without the other is a half-empty glass.

~ New-World Generalism, pt. 1

Known Associates and Chapters understand our philosophy, share at least many of our ideals and priorities, and have abandoned the quantity-over-quality method of establishing themselves and making money in the “fitness industry”. When the list is ready to grow, it will grow. We will not compromise, and you will not convince us. These are not mindless, talentless, paper-hungry “Affiliates”. They are willing to accept you because there is an assumption that you will be of quality if coming from us; don’t prove them wrong.


Participants are expected to read and fill out the Permission Slip, and then contact the facility you’ll be visiting to arrange / confirm available dates and times.

Once there, you will be expected to safely self-study, to adhere to arrival times, to follow rules and regulations all while maintaining the utmost courtesy and consideration. You are, of course, more than welcome to make any further training arrangements with those in-charge while on the premises.

Visits to Known Associates and Chapters might be considered a structured, accountable “drop-in”. However, we prefer to think of them as an audition, or a convergence; those willing to seek a facility such as these in a context such as this will almost certainly be branches on a familiar tree.

Please honor the efforts and trust of both Wolf Brigade and any of our Known Associate or Chapter locations by leaving nothing to chance, and putting your very best foot forward.

This situation is the very definition of “privilege, not a right”; if it needs to self-correct, it will surely only need to once. This is not a CrossFit drop-in, nor is it a trial class at a 24-Hour Fitness.

Act accordingly – earn your environment.


Feral S&C Arcata, CA @feral_sc

Public Assistance project flagship - Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club
Toronto, ON @atlanticavenue_ac

The Sect Fitness Salt Lake City, UT

Vengeance Nashville, TN

Anvil of Crom Power Kenai, AK

San Soo Tulsa Tulsa, OK @san_soo_tulsa

Leilah Devi Portland, OR

Public Assistance project - Branford, CT @etain_sc

Public Assistance project - Santa Barbara, CA

Public Assistance project - Visalia, CA