Mental 131: Ambassadors

    Ambassador Patch

    We are very grateful for the worldwide interest and support we have received over the past several years. In light of it, we have developed a few ways to both expand and make our circle tighter at the same time.

    The first is our Ambassador program.

    We want people that see Wolf Brigade as more than a physical movement to help us share it with others that will find similar value. Critical thinking, purposeful living, and a leader’s mindset are things that define an Ambassador of our brand.

    You do not have to be a coach/ trainer.
    You do not have to be a high-level athlete.

    You simply need to be someone that thinks outside the status-quo, isn’t afraid to try and fail in order to progress, and has left behind the soft-minded conventional ideals that have put our society into its current state of physical and mental peril.

    We want thinkers, and doers; Subversionists, and not excusists.

    We want the part you play in the growth of Wolf Brigade to be something you enjoy, take pride in, and that may help you and others excel in whatever you choose to pursue.

    Ambassador requirements

    • Your bio emailed to Two paragraphs or less on who you are and why you want to be a part of who we are.
    • Profile photo. Square image, 1200×1200 pixels.
    • Ambassador Kit purchase
    • “Good Faith” agreement to share/repost content from our website and social media a minimum of once per week.
    • Quarterly check-in. Send us an email with links to relevant social media content.

    Ambassador benefits

    • Ambassador-only patch. Only issued to official Wolf Brigade Ambassadors.
    • Permission to use the title “Wolf Brigade Ambassador”
    • Your name and social media links on the Wolf Brigade Ambassador page
    • First right of refusal on new softgoods, first looks at new articles, and more…


    This is not a sales/ quantity game; we want good people around the world to have better access to our brand, each other, and the gigantic amount of free content we have amassed on our website over the past seven years.

    Inclusion is a privilege, not a right, and can be denied/ revoked at any time. Basically, bring something to the table, and never be an asshole once you’re there.

    Thank you for making this a possibility/ necessity.

    Join the Wolf Brigade Ambassador’s Program