Mental 80





    “Send me their sons and prodigal daughters,
    Render up to me their lost and stray.
    Give lust and life to our dances, flight to our fancies,
    Give me courage for my passions and my pain…”

    Someone once asked me why people need to scream to get their point across in music.

    Passion isn’t neat and clean and quiet. Obsession doesn’t usually play well with others and do as its told. Sometimes chaos is the only path to catharsis; sometimes making more noise than you need to is the only way to be heard at all.

    Scream your fuckin’ throat red, break something that doesn’t need to be broken, push yourself so hard that your eyes go blurry; Much stranger than WANTING to or NEEDING to is never feeling the fire that DRIVES you to…

    Why are volume and intensity sometimes used to articulate a point or send a strong message? If you really have to ask, you may never understand…