physical. 01/21/14


    10 minutes of:

    5 Suitcase deadlift @ 3/4 BW
    30 yd. Farmer carry @ same
    3-5 breaths rest

    Complete as many rounds as possible in allotted time. Use the same two kettlebells for deadlift and carry- top of the 5th deadlift begins the carry.

    If designated weight creates or forces a compromised position, make an immediate adjustment. In the interest of maintaining steady and quality work throughout, short, specific rest is specified in each round.

    Then, for time:

    50 Band crawl @ 12- 14ft.

    Once fundamentals are in place, attempt to alternate lead foot and hand touching target in each rep/ series of reps.

    Then, at skill work weight, 1 round of:

    Kettlebell Sequence #1

    Around-the-body pass (Left)
    Around-the-body pass (Right)
    Figure 8
    2-arm OH swing
    Swing clean and press (5L, 5R)
    Hand-to-hand 1-arm swing
    Snatch (5L, 5R)
    Goblet squat

    Using the same single kettlebell throughout, perform 10 total reps of each movement in order. Today, choose a light to moderate weight that allows you to safely complete all movements in sequence with limited interruptions.