physical. 05/21/16


    15, 10, 5, 5- 5- 5- 5

    Rest as needed between sets. Weight increases each set (denoted by commas between), and then remains the same for 4 x 5 (denoted by dashes). Begin at a moderate, challenging weight and end as heavy as possible; Each set should be difficult, violent, and feature sound positioning throughout. If we lose our strongest hinge, or upper body position breaks, adjust weight and continue safely.Then:

    10L, 10R Dumbbell power snatch or kettlebell snatch (from floor) @ heavy/ scaled to ability
    50 Push-up
    10L, 10R Dumbbell power snatch or kettlebell snatch (from floor) @ 50% of above
    25 Burpee
    25 Straight jump

    There is no designated rest here- if it is needed, keep it short and specific (3 breaths); Hammer mechanics, breathe intelligently, and demand honest lock-outs in each ground-to-overhead rep.

    And then, with a partner, and for time:

    Hollow hold



    Partner 1 holds as long as possible while partner 2 accumulates as many Airdyne calories as possible. As soon as hollow breaks, partners switch roles. Drill ends when 75 total calories are accumulated- goal is high-paced completion with as few switches as possible.