physical. 07/09/15

    Laura. Squat.

    (Laura. Squat.)

    4 rounds of:

    8 Chin-up (Scaled to ability in each round)
    8 2-arm non-barbell ground-to-overhead @ minimum 1/4 BW
    8 Knees-to-elbows

    Use as little assistance as possible in chin-up. Non-barbell ground-to-overhead: Full-range high-pull, slam ball, or sandbag shoulder + press. Scale weight to ability in each round. Knees-to-elbows: Knees to triceps, and also the frequently seen “knees to thin air”, are different, much less challenging exercises.

    Then, 4 minutes of:

    4 Ab wheel roll-out
    4 V-up
    4 Breaths rest (use maximum of 4 times)

    If position breaks in ab wheel roll-out, switch immediately to 8 hollow rock.

    And then, 4 minutes of:

    25 Double-under/ 50 High-knee jumprope
    10 Medicine ball throw/ catch (Partner or wall– 12lb. W, 16lb. M)

    Alternate jumprope variation as needed/ desired. If double-under sets fall to less than 10, use high-knee for remaining duration. Hustle in transitions: If training in a group, walking by any person at any time =
    1 additional round after time expires.