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Since I was a kid we’ve operated a project called Hell on Earth.

It started in 1995 as a simple production company, booking hardcore shows in Rochester, NY.

It evolved into the organization and execution of large-scale BMX contests all over the world, became well-known for clothing, and spawned a retail store.
We began Hell on Earth as a spiteful response to our hostile environments;

When it does periodically rear its head now, it is still driven by the same discontent and dissent as it was then.

It has nothing to do with evil or good; It has nothing do with the Devil or God…

It’s what we were, are, and always will be; Standing our ground, speaking our minds, and crushing the will of the weak.

Thank you for spotting our dim light, and daring to wear the mark.

“We are each our own Devil, and we make this world our hell.” – Oscar Wilde, from ‘The Duchess of Paduna’ (1883)

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