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Integrity X Wolf Brigade mace package




The Integrity X Wolf Brigade mace collaboration¬†is a project… over 25 years in the making.
Greg and Dwid first met in the early ’90’s as Integrity ripped through upstate, NY, making their first tumultuous trip to Rochester under Greg’s watch.
Their music and aesthetic has been a binding thread in Wolf Brigade’s fabric long before joining forces made any sense.
Now that it does:
We are proud to offer the limited-edition Integrity X Wolf Brigade mace packages.
The first run will be six pieces total- two 8kg, two 10kg, and two 12kg maces, all of which will come with a collaboration print and sticker, and the two 11 x 17″ Wolf Brigade graphic prints shown.
When those are claimed, the next six will be released in the same manner.
When *those* are gone, the final six will surface, and then, it’s over.
All items pictured, plus shipping in the continental US, are included in the listed price.
Thank you for the interest and support of all parties involved that has made this possible.
Now… on with The March of the Damned…

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10kg, 12kg, 8kg