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Second Edition War of Attrition (black and white)


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The War of Attrition website went online in January of 1999. Twenty years later, we are proud to offer its prime selections as well as several new stories in print for the first time.

This black-and-white second edition features more “historical” content (flyers, photos, memorabilia), alongside the same stories and striking illustrations as the color first edition.

Please enjoy, and thank you for the continued interest and support.


Non-fiction stories, societal oddities, and counter-culture observations; War of Attrition is a history book, of sorts, that begins in the early adolescence of writer Greg Walsh.

Its contents have provoked the perspectives and passion behind well-known projects he has developed over the past two decades, including Hell on Earth, Coalition BMX, Wolf Brigade, and Theft of the Age.

Hard lessons, flawed notions, and the “inciting incidents” that created him, artfully and forcefully narrated and illustrated in attempt to exorcise the least-cooperative demons.

This collection shines a harsh-yet-heartfelt light into the deterioration of our human condition; Some monsters are real, certain stories simply don’t have a silver lining, and not everything that doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger…

There are some curses that can be broken; The curse of awareness, is not among them.

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