Move Forward

To Begin

Wolf Brigade is focused on providing expert instruction and physical training for people of all fitness levels.

Our training is varied but never random, and our workouts are performed with intensity yet never at the expense of form or safety. We offer the best group Strength & Conditioning classes 6 days a week and private fitness, martial arts & self defense training by appointment. Day and evening classes are available in a no-ego, progress-minded training environment for men and women.

Getting started is straightforward

  1. Book and complete your introductory/fundamentals training
  2. Join our Strength & Conditioning classes
  3. Train as often as you’d like each month for $125


We’re located in the Atlantic Business Park, on Atlantic Avenue between Culver and University. When traveling west on Atlantic we’re the last right before the railway bridge, just past the Hillside building. When headed eastbound, we’re the first left after the rail bridge.

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Private Training

Assistant Training Director, Heather McAllister, oversees our private training program. She helps you reach your fitness and wellness goals through detailed strength & conditioning and kettlebell lifting. Our private training is rooted in the philosophies that drive our Group Training. Priority is always position, basic strength and quality of movement over speed and intensity with all trainees. Private instruction can be a great supplement to regular training, a chance to develop or refine new skills, or a great way to facilitate recovery from an injury or pregnancy.