As a continuation of our process of excuse-extermination, we give you The Wolf Brigade ‘Public Assistance project’.

Predicated on our experience that simplicity does not need to separate from specificity, and that when properly aligned, the two can make anyone on earth a stronger and more capable version of themselves, this platform will give any and all with the want and will, access to pieces of our process.

Outdoors, indoors, rain, sand, snow… Needed to complete the assignments are simply strong-handled, gallon-jugs (filled with whatever you choose), resourcefulness, a non-modern attention span, and a desire to improve both physical condition and mental constitution.





We are proud to announce that our Public Assistance project is now operating in 3 locations across the country and 1 in Canada

Toronto, ON

Wednesdays 7PM & Saturdays 11AM

Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club 1110 Dupont St. (yellow door)


Branford, CT

Mondays 6PM

Hammer Field


Santa Barbara, CA

(Please visit our Instagram for dates/times)


Visalia, CA

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7PM

Saturdays 10AM

Perry Family Park

(corner of County Center Dr & Visalia PKWY)

Voicemail encouraged on (559) 759-6267