Subject Matter Experts

Heather McAllister

1st Full Curriculum (2018):
Kettlebell Lifting (2011); Bodyweight Movements (2012); Odd Lifts (2018)

Lexis Hammond

Kettlebell Lifting (2018)

Cait Baker

Kettlebell Lifting (2019)

Matt LaRochelle

Kettlebell Lifting (2019)

Aimee Jacot

Kettlebell Lifting (2019)

Chris Urbanski

Kettlebell Lifting (2018)

Chris Manns

Kettlebell Lifting (2011), Odd Lifts (2012)

Mathew Potocki

Kettlebell Lifting (2011), Odd Lifts (2012)

Pat Steiner

Kettlebell Lifting (2013)

Tom Dillon

Kettlebell Lifting (2015)


(There has to be one...)

In our brand of training, we believe that being an athlete/participant is a necessary precursor to being a quality instructor. Although there are expert instructors in many fields that either cannot or do not 'Do', that is not what we 'do'. We believe that in the fields of fitness, strength & conditioning, and martial arts the best instructors and coaches are those that have an intimate physical and mental relationship with all the material they are teaching. Anything short of that, we feel, does not best serve the athlete/trainee/client.

There has to be background and substance behind the method, explanation, and execution. Immersion, repetition, exhaustion, and comprehension; then instruction. And... repeat.

Program Specifics

An "expert" is by definition someone that has special skill or knowledge in a particular field. Formal recognition of Athlete-level expertise by Wolf Brigade standards requires demonstration of proper position, execution, and mechanics in all reps and for each movement in chosen category. In addition, all participants must submit a written description outlining their perspective on why we do what we do. Athlete SMEs may wish to progress to Instructor-level.

Recognition as an Instructor by Wolf Brigade standards requires demonstration of physical skill and proficiency, deep positional familiarity, and thorough conceptual understanding. In short, expert-level comprehension of each movement in the chosen syllabus, and the ability to apply both movement and concept in widely varied conditions and to all skill levels.

Athlete SME

  • 10-20 expert-level repetitions of the prescribed (unscaled) version of each movement in chosen category (reps required vary based on movement complexity/duration)
  • Sets may be broken into 5s or 10s with brief rest. Where appropriate, “reps” = “seconds”.
  • Demonstration of one movement must complete before next begins. No interspersing.
  • If one movement falls short of the required standards, participant may choose to continue for learning purposes, but will need to re-submit that movement at a later date to achieve recognition. Refinements to skill are made prior, not during, a proficiency test.
  • While intensity is a vital, respected component on most days, demonstrating proficiency is the goal of this day. Speed is not a substitute for form, and weight should be moderate.

Instructor SME

  • Clear, concise delivery of information in both 1-on-1 and group settings for each movement in chosen category.
  • Visual awareness and verbal adjustment of common faults.
  • Multi-level scaling of each movement in chosen category.
  • Programming for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.
  • Commencement and safe operation of live group class.
  • Identification and description of your own faults and/or shortcomings as an athlete.
  • Comprehension and use of command composure and non-verbal cues. (Simply speaking louder does not show understanding of material.)
  • A written description of why we do what we do, and the importance of passing it on in the detailed manner in which we do.

Movement List: Kettlebell Lifting

  • Deadlift (regular and suitcase)
  • Swing (2-arm to chin, 2-arm "True" overhead, 2-arm 2-second, 1-arm, power, stacked-hand)
  • Good Morning
  • Clean (single and double kettlebell, from floor and swing)
  • Press (single and double kettlebell strict and push presses, 50/50 press)
  • Snatch (single and double kettlebell)
  • Single kettlebell front squat
  • Double kettlebell front squat
  • Single kettlebell back squat

  • High pull (to chin)
  • High pull + Goblet squat
  • Full-range high pull (overhead)
  • 1-arm row
  • Figure-8
  • Halo + extension
  • Arm bar stretch
  • Windmill (single and double kettlebell)
  • Turkish get-up (2-count and standard)
  • Creation of 2, 3-movement kettlebell complexes

Movement List: Bodyweight


  • Pull-up (jumping, strict, and kipping)
  • Chin-up
  • Squat (air squat, wall squat, "stick squat", and jump squat)
  • Lunge (regular, walking, and full-range)
  • Push-up (start at top, start at bottom, rings)
  • Dip
  • Inchworm (stationary and walking)
  • Box jump/box step
  • Broad jump
  • Straight/vertical jump
  • Bodyweight row (rings, rope, bar) + 3/1000 bodyweight row (bar)
  • Burpee
  • Burpee box jump
  • Burpee broad jump
  • Back extension
  • Hip extension
  • Headstand
  • Handstand
  • Front roll
  • Back roll


  • Abmat
  • Rocking chair
  • Skin the cat
  • L-sit (20 seconds)
  • 360
  • Superman rock
  • Hollow rock
  • V-up
  • Ab wheel
  • Elevator
  • Knees to elbows

Movement List: Odd Lifts


  • Shovel
  • Shovel/smash
  • Squat
  • Front pendulum
  • Front pendulum + extension
  • Front pendulum + shove
  • Back pendulum
  • Back pendulum and pull over
  • Dynamic curl
  • 360
  • 360 + extension
  • 10-2
  • Varial


  • Hand-to-hand swing (standard, and same-hand touch + catch)
  • Speed snatch
  • Wall ball substitute
  • Slam dunk (stationary and with step)
  • Figure-8 flip
  • Creation of 2, 3-movement "Odd Lift" complexes


  • 2-hand tire smash
  • Hand-to-hand tire smash
  • 1-hand tire smash stationary
  • 1-hand tire smash w/step


Wolf Brigade has designed and implemented the Athlete and Instructor SME programs. Our standards are high, the test is difficult, and we encourage anyone interested in further developing and refining their physical skill set to train, prepare, and participate.

Cost is $250 per category for both Athlete and Instructor SME recognition.

Evaluation takes 2-3 hours and must be scheduled and paid for at least 14 days in advance. Cancellation fee is 50%. Preparation can be checked, and evaluation can be completed in person or via Skype.

Upon successful completion, your profile will be added to our list of Subject Matter Experts, documentation presented, with references available upon request (for instructors), and other tokens of recognition issued.