Tag: Wolf Brigade Original Movement

Kettlebell Back Squat

Before changing levels, be sure kettlebell is set on top- not behind. Flat bottom rests on top of traps.

Kettlebell Slam Dunk

For most, more fun than function, and nearly-useless at gimmick weights or with inattentive, unspecific positioning. We engineered...

360 Sit-up

“Multi-level dexterity”; Tuck into a strong hollow position, and spin- attempting to minimize rocking- in a 360-degree circle.

Kettlebell Full-range High-pull

Kettlebell high pull/ full-range high pull/ slam ball: Set-up and position, order-of-operations, and violence of action is the...

Elevator Sit-Up

Video demonstration of elevator sit-up.

Band Crawl

Video demonstration of the band crawl.

Mace Full Pendulum

"Full pendulum" is a Wolf Brigade Original movement. Before making an attempt, proficiency in front pendulum, 360, and "Varial" are recommended.

Mace “Varial”

Video demonstration of the mace varial with 10kg mace by Greg Walsh of Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, NY.