Mental 133: Standards & Practices V.1

    Wolf Brigade Full Circle

    Wolf Brigade “Standards and Practices”, V.1, 2017.

    For those unfamiliar with us, we are an experienced, forward-thinking, strength & conditioning brand headquartered in Rochester, NY. Please dig deeper into this very website for more information on our history, philosophy, and lineage.

    Our purpose here is to outline some things we hope you will address prior to undertaking our program! Beginning a project with the appropriate tools goes a long way in ensuring its success- Especially in something as detailed, potentially risky, and potentially rewarding as high-level physical training.


    Knowing specifically what you’re supposed to do, but guessing as to why, or how, is one of the most common- and in this case, ultra-avoidable- pitfalls in all of physical culture. If there is a valid “what”, there must be an equally valid “why”, and a sound, proven, and detailed “how”.

    Our goal for you is the same one we share with all our in-house trainees: Wide-range adaptability. Physical proficiency. Mental acuity. Above-average durability. We use a specific set of movements and lifts to develop and train the patterns we use the most in life, leisure, profession, and sport.

    Utilizing details of breathing, and bracing, consistent application of full range of motion, movement quality even at pace and under duress (speed is not a substitute for form…) are all things we describe as “not suggestions”.

    “Functional fitness” must be learned and performed with strategy, quality, and mindfulness, or it loses its truest function, and creates incomplete fitness.

    Once position and execution of each are practiced and in-order,
    we recommend testing a 2-rep max in the following lifts:

    Bench press
    Push press
    Pendlay row
    Back squat
    Front squat
    Power clean

    While 1RM may show a truer number of absolute strength, the 2RM requires a different demonstration of sustainability and standardization that, for most lifts and movements, falls better in line with our overall goals and philosophy. Both are useful, however you will see our program reference 2RM far more frequently

    Thank you for the interest in why we do what we do, and how we do it. We hope you find value in the following explanations.

    This is an evolving document, and we will do our best to make sure you have all the tools and information possible to succeed in our program. Please feel free to reach out with questions!