Mental 20

    The more people I’m in contact with, the luckier I feel to know most of ones I do.
    To that end, I am very protective of them. “Them” also translates into “It”- “It” being our little gym.

    We are growing, much to my surprise. As this happens, the tenets that are most important to preserving the environment we enjoy must be demonstrated by all.

    Simply, these are:

    • treat others with courtesy, even if it means you wait a moment for a weight, bar, rope, etc.
    • be welcoming to those newer than yourself. remember how uncomfortable you were your first day?
    • show up on time and clean. “sober” isn’t even worth mentioning.
    • respect the work that others are doing, even if it does not match your own. “effort” not “output” is what impresses me. that being said, one directly leads to the other.
    • i try my best not to talk just to hear myself do so, and am often giving instruction that will help determine what you are going to do, and your safety in doing it. do not talk while i am doing so. please and thank you.
    • read the two little words above the door every day upon entering and leaving.
    • use our place to shed the stresses and frustrations of the day/ week, but never recklessly.
    • as i was shown and not taught at several martial arts gyms i have trained at, someone in that room can always beat your ass. challenge yourself, push yourself, make progress… start again.
    • Progress never ends.