Mental 29

    “Exhaust the hardest choice, and the rest will appear to you (already) exhausted.”

    Many quotes about the “high road” have something to do with the struggle and isolation that often result in choosing it.

    My take on it is a simple one: the choice to walk a high road and travel a path of resistance is also a deliberate choice towards struggle, loneliness, and disappointment. If you do not encounter those things in your journey, the road you have chosen is not yet a fitting compliment to your full potential.

    “To live meaningfully is to be at perpetual risk.”

    Robert McKee

    The idea of living at “risk” is often a romantic one; the realization is often much different.
    It takes a mental and physical toll, and might be tempered only occasionally by a sense of self-made accomplishment.

    If you allow the small victories to fuel you, it is a sustainable path.

    If you are looking for or expecting the societal, social, or financial pat on the back that a path of convention and convenience offer, you will likely be waiting until the end of time.

    Things deemed conventional successes while on an unconventional path appear to those whose dedication is true; never accepting less than they give, and never expecting any more than nothing in return.