Mental 47

    “Training & Recovery” as “Cooking & Eating”.

    When training in a progressive fashion (pushing yourself consistently, lifting heavier weights, moving faster, etc.) our body needs certain things in order to translate the work done into strength, power, and speed.

    Think of your training as “cooking”.

    During cooking, we’re subjecting something (whether it be duck liver, or in this stupid analogy, your body) to conditions that prepare it for the next stage. That’s right- “eating”!

    If we don’t plan on eating the duck liver, or at least feeding it to someone else, the point of cooking it is entirely lost.

    Think of your rest and recovery as that “eating”.

    To develop the physicalities that we have worked so hard for, we need to “eat”, both literally and in this case, metaphorically.

    We need to eat specifically, in good quantity, and we need to “eat” often.

    If your body is telling you it is hungry for rest, feed it what it wants.

    If your body never sends you that message, lift more weight, move faster, and it will surely come.

    All “cooking” and little “eating” is completely counterproductive when it comes to long term sustainability and development of strength, power, and speed.