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    Commit Thought Crime.
    Every day, translate thought into action, and passion into progress.

    For whatever reason we have had lots of new website traffic on Sundays… so we wanted to share a post from this time last year, thank people for visiting, and welcome them to the site.

    “I have begun this diary as a safeguard, a control against a suicidal impulse to declare myself openly. I am writing it in a corner of my room, out of the range of the tele-screen. But what I write here and whether I go on with this will make no difference. I have committed the essential crime by thinking of a diary. Thoughtcrime is death.”

    Orwell, “1984

    More a statement towards society and less towards government in the use pictured here, if you would like a WB vs. Hell on EarthThought Crime” sticker, (we have 21 left) please put your name, address, and email in the comments or send an email to: training(at)

    TV, movies, internet… they’re doing their best to make us complacent, soft-minded, simple versions of ourselves.

    Enjoy in moderation but never fail to see them for what they really are.