Mental 63

    Speculation and certainty often run on parallel tracks in the minds of those that seek progress.

    A questioning mindset is crucial to self-development in the mental or physical realms, but with the asking of questions often comes the anxiousness and restlessness of not knowing the answers.

    (Ignorance is bliss?)

    When answers become evident, rolling over, ignoring, and denying are passivist “strategies” that lead to one almost certain result: more of the same, or worse.

    Initiative, resolution, and focus are strategies employed by the strong that require effort, and also lead to one almost certain result:


    When something in our path is limiting us, hurting us (or others), or distracting us from reaching our goals, don’t make a mental mistake and accept it, make the needed adjustments and correct it.

    Learning from preventable mistakes should not be considered a useful lesson.