Mental 89

    Perception vs. Execution

    (Photo: Featured on a board in our training room this week were these simple but often overlooked concepts/ ideas)

    In the context above, “low-level variables” include diet, mood, ego, location/ equipment, frustration… All which can be used as convenient excuses to derail or delay progress, and all of which can and must be controlled/ navigated properly to move past the beginning stages of physical and/ or mental progress.

    A simple way of approaching it is asking “What can and will I accomplish when the situation is ideal?” vs. “What can and will I accomplish when the situation is stacked against me?” Ideal is easy, the other is not.

    Making excuses is easy; developing expertise is… not. In answering the two questions above, refer to the concepts a little further above. What you view vs. what you DO… and how often and attentively you do it.

    There is no such thing as “Moderate Relentlessness”.
    There is no value in being “Partially Unstoppable”.