Mental 9

    just because it makes you sweat, does not mean it’s good exercise, or useful training.

    i can make myself sweat using a pillowcase filled with fucking empty water bottles if i feel like it, but am i getting stronger, more flexible, or learning any real physical skills?

    we hear women concerned with “bulk”, and that see it as an unavoidable by-product of doing real physical work (or, in the case of the embarrassment of a “fitness” video above, lifting over 3 lbs.)

    everyone’s body reacts a little different to physical activity. some people will get leaner quicker, some people will define muscle groups easier than others. without intention, however, you will not get “bulky.”

    if being fit and strong looking is a turn off, then the best choice is the band workout depicted above, or any of its’ ilk.

    no one will ever make the gross error in judgment and mistake you for an athlete or fitness enthusiast if that is the route you choose.

    if looking fit, feeling strong, and actually impacting your physical, mental, cardiovascular, nerve, and circulatory health are your goals, skip the gimmicks, skip the flavor of the month 6 DVD set guaranteeing abs in 6 weeks, and choose a real path of resistance.
    it doesn’t have to be ours, but it sure as hell isn’t theirs.