Mental 99: War of Attrition

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    The unique look, feel, methods, and details that have drawn so many to Wolf Brigade are products of my eclectic, turbulent, and somewhat unusual background; The weaving together of many of those pieces has created the stand-out product we now offer.

    For the curious, some of those origins are narrated in words and pictures here: War of Attrition.

    Our group path is fitness, strength & conditioning, and the achievement of a mindset that allows us to transfer the physical and mental skills we earn in training into our day-to-day walk through life. We’ve all found our way here by different road, and we all take different things with us when we leave.

    If there is one take-away that transcends previous background or current application, it is simply the acknowledgement that our character is what defines us, while our pursuit of physicality simply assists its development. Training is our vehicle, not our destination.

    Greg Walsh, 2014.