mental. (repost from 11/05/10)

    “Mental Endurance”

    Part 2Weathering the storm.

    “Be mindful of the prayers you send; pray hard, but pray with care. For the tears you are crying now, are just your answered prayers.” Nick Cave

    Progression has a price, just like everything else in life that is worthwhile or enduring. The temporary and trivial are often free, and in most cases, you get what you pay for.

    Our version of progress is rewarded with an increased ability to suffer, the mental and physical tools to endure it, and ultimately the realization that you can accomplish things you never thought you could.
    Again, and again, and again.

    Empowerment tends to stir up some dust in people, and can be just as much the source of discomfort as any physical task. Lasting, quantifiable advancement comes from hanging on for the ride.

    After weathering one seeming insurmountable storm most others will seem less of a threat, and easier to scoff at and dismiss. Expand your capacities by using the physical and mental tools you are developing to push yourself to places that may have previously scared you. Bumps in the road are just tests, and overcoming them becomes fuel for personal growth.

    In relation to our little room: you asked for this; you signed on for it. With many challenges in life you won’t be so lucky.

    The idea of something elective breaking your will shouldn’t even enter in your mind.

    When the real storm comes you’ll be forced to stand alone, and the only way out is through.