More Than Movement | Greg Walsh at San Soo Tulsa

    Wolf Brigade at San Soo Tulsa

    When we distill the term “transferable concepts”, it boils down to the fact that- when addressed, instructed, and performed accordingly- sound movement pattern transcends application and implement.

    Optimizing each primary-and-secondary pattern with sensible, provable detail, mindful and focused performance, and consistency will improve any movement-based system on earth; That is, when application features full intent and minimal ego.

    “Martial patterns” are no different than any other movement or lifting patterns- They simply must be explained and practiced with application-based nuance. In our opinion and experience, they do not stray from the foundations built and insulated in our “martial-minded”, sensible and zero-gimmick strength and conditioning training.

    More is not simply more, “harder” is not always harder, and volume is never a substitute for quality and specificity; If something looks like a gimmick, and cannot be measured in both standardized on-pavement application and linear progression, it is best left to those content to spin their wheels in the interest of “keeping up their grind”.

    There is a reason that the most legendary fighters and warriors in history are stoic, detailed, hard-browed, eyes-wide-open thinkers and strategists…

    And the reason is that anything less, will not serve you best, when you need it the most.

    Gimmicks hide in many places we’d least expect, and are often not identified until the truer version is discovered and experienced.

    Whether you’re planning to get punched in the face or held against your will for sport, or simply want to be sure you can assess, address, and withstand such things in an unexpected “non-sport” context, conceptualizing and visualizing all of your movement and lifting as branches of the same tree will serve you well, help keep you safe, and ensure that your progress and forward momentum only ends when you choose to end it.

    We hope you enjoy this piece, and encourage any and all questions!

    Thank you for the interest and support that have made this necessary, and possible.