Public service announcement #2.


    Dear (fill in the blank if any of this applies to you),

    I’m glad you’re finding some clarity, and I hope what you conveyed to me sticks.

    I wouldn’t be a good sounding board if I didn’t tell you that with you being an uninjured, un-physically-restricted, financially stable, intelligent, and non-time-restricted adult, there was way too much self-indulgence in your email; For any of the changes you eluded to to work, you have to eliminate the soft, variable language.

    EAT. Just, eat. Good, clean, healthy food. Stop romanticizing it and making it into a difficult task. Additionally, long-term imbalance of macronutrients can cause and exacerbate depression, sleep disorder, anxiety, etc., so stop helping the snake eat its own tail!

    Bring it, go buy it, keep it at work, carry a cooler bag, make sure you’ve got a backup wherever you are… It only takes a minute to adapt to that sort of consistency, and it’s well worth it.

    If gluten and dairy don’t make you feel good, just. don’t. eat. them (or drink them). Period. It’s no harder than that if what you want and expect of yourself are more important to you than your minute-to-minute self-gratification.

    Short story: Don’t be one of these millions of excusist, directionless millennials walking around; If what you want is to be strong and healthy and happy and lean and physically talented, then that is that. Be it.

    If you don’t truly care about those things, then that is also that.

    Neither path is right or wrong, but you have to lock down what you really want, and then align it with what you are willing to do (or not do) to get there.

    Training and eating well should be fun to do, and the subsequent results should be fun to watch. We are extremely fortunate to have such great access to all of it, and that should never be taken for granted.

    For example… we had two people travel a great distance this week just to train with us for two days. With things like that unfolding, you can imagine my patience/ sympathy decreasing with those that are not putting their best foot forward in even the simplest ways.

    THAT being said, if eating well and training consistently stress you out, seem insurmountable, or don’t bring you the fulfillment you expect of them, then don’t trick yourself into doing them; Doing positive, potentially life-altering things casually and half-heartedly is way worse than not doing them at all.

    If you want to be a expert craft beer drinker and pretentious taste notes analyst while attempting to master tennis on the Nintendo Wii, and that’s what fulfills you, then great. Do it at 100%.

    We’ve had this conversation 3/4 times now; I am eternally willing to help those that are helping themselves in-kind. The next time there is a need for this conversation, there will be both financial and physical accountability for it.

    I’m also not a good sounding board if I let people do whatever the hell they want and then repeatedly complain to me about it.