Mental 109

    ‘We live on nothing, but trash and low self-respect. And the view of our careless lives- no worth, neglect. Personalized science, experiment ourselves to death. Gotta get in touch with what we need- self-love, respect.

    Mind, body, and soul, mine to control. Self-evaluation says no contamination. All I truly own are my body and a ton of respect. Cultivate my health, keep the negative in check.

    My life I love I will not burn. I am how I live, I have learned. The body is the window to the soul- your careless ways, will take their toll.

    Consuming and polluting our consciousness, walking in step with all the wrong leads, leads us to death. Unhealthy lifestyles, organs corroded by waste. Trusting the system, leads to human decay.

    Feel so good, filled with love. Sickness an addiction, making the connection.

    Confidence building as I purify myself. You can have your Twinkies, I’ll keep my health.’

    “Temple”- Four Walls Falling/ Taylor Steele, 1992.

    Even more relevant and intelligent today than it was in 1992.

    Enjoy, and think.