Mental 16

    Mark Twight posted this on the GYM JONES website, and I wanted to share it

    “A friend passed through town and described how difficult it was to find training partners, much less individuals who shared his dedication and were willing to do the work. He lamented that no one ever lasted more than two weeks. Not because he hazed them but because they were lazy and wanted the result without the work. None wanted to hear that there are no shortcuts, or they might have to give something up, or make a difficult change to their routine, and existence. I was appalled though not surprised.

    Time hardens habits and patterns. Choices lead to paths, and paths to destinations. One cannot know with certainty where the first steps on any path will lead but the truth is that each of us is a product of our decisions. Laziness and entitlement produce a particular outcome. Hard work and dedication produce a particular outcome. Which have you chosen?”

    The truth is not always a pretty picture, and this excellent piece reminds us of that.

    The concepts spoken of are hard, harsh concepts. We do not have to be hard, harsh people; however living silly, undisciplined lives will “produce a particular outcome”, as Twight suggests.

    “Two kinds of people in this world… the weak and those that eat them.”

    Which are you?