mental. (con’t)

    As a continuation of the music post below- something to think about.
    A great Crossfit coach and even better athlete, Josh Everett, said something to the effect of
    “If you need music to motivate you to train, you should find something else to do.”

    While I agree with the idea behind what I think he meant, I disagree completely with how it was said.
    I appreciate that it was said, though, because it made me think.
    Can I train without music? Yes.
    Do I enjoy it as much? No.
    Are there days when my body and brain are beat down, and unless the right music is playing, I am useless?
    Fuck yeah.

    There are songs in this world that I am pretty sure could wake me from the dead with their power… so getting me through a 20-some-odd minute workout? No problem.
    I am stronger and a better athlete because of music.