Mental 24

    Several things are disturbing in the short article below.
    First, and most glaringly, would be the inclusion of P90X and CrossFit in the same sentence.
    Second would be the already addressed ad nauseum topic of “concerns” regarding high-intensity, functional training. CrossFit has done a phenomenal job over the years of squashing such concerns with science and fact.
    We are not a CrossFit gym, and that is not an accident or an oversight.
    My opinion: part of the reason these concerns are surfacing again in such a large-scale forum is that the quality of the training “in question” has deteriorated. Safety erodes quickly when people (and bad trainers) try to mimic what they see on the internet without knowing the in’s & out’s of how, why, when, and how much.
    Intensity is not a substitute for form any more than speed is. The concerns they are addressing are more often than not the result of ego-driven intensity and over-work without the proper legwork to support it.
    And, bad coaching.
    We’re not playing badminton- injuries happen. Bumps, bruises, cuts, discomfort happen often.
    The responsibility you have to yourself (and if you have one, that your trainer has to you) is to assure that you have all the tools you need to keep yourself safe while still maintaining that highest level of effort and output.
    The article below is a reflection of a lack of that mentality, and a trend towards too much, too soon in our style training. The things they mention are real, yet uncommon, and in all but the rarest case, avoidable.

    Marine Corps Times article