Mental 4

    Commit Thought Crime

    “I have begun this diary as a safeguard, a control against a suicidal impulse to declare myself openly. I’m writing it in a corner of my room, out of the range of the tele-screen. But what I write here and whether I go on with this will make no difference. I have committed the essential crime by thinking of a diary. Thoughtcrime is death.”

    Orwell, “1984

    More a statement towards society and less towards government in the use pictured here, if you would like a WB vs. Hell on Earth “Thought Crime” sticker, please put your name, address, and email in the comments.

    TV, movies, the internet… they’re doing their best to make us complacent, soft-minded, and simple versions of ourselves. Don’t simmer in the complacency. Enjoy in moderation but see them for what they are:

    subversion of true mental & physical culture.