Mental 5

    for a generation of impressionable youth that have proven to be more than ready to over-indulge in ANYTHING put before them, is a TV show that seems to glorify the concept of “acceptance over activism” really the best idea?

    ironic that ABC puts a “huge” sidebar on the page talking about eating right, exercising, and living “huge”, yet from the 15 minutes of my life i wasted after unfortunately being told of this show all i gathered was that the characters in the show struggle with their weight, but overcome all with strength of character to find love, happiness, and success.

    all fine and good. more power to people overcoming adversity. but promoting a culture of obesity acceptance among an impressionable group that should be doing anything & everything to avoid it is really sick.

    how many people was it again that die every year of heart disease, and lifestyle-related illness?

    i’m sure the number is huge.

    (am i off base? do you watch the show? is the message sent in the promo’s different from that sent in the episodes? let me know in the comments.)