Mental 44

    Do you feel it is irresponsible/ ego-driven/ dangerous to treat the teaching and “trainer certification” of martial arts/ self-defense applications in the same way one would treat a “fitness” or “personal training” application?
    Not rhetorical. We would like your opinion.

    Our opinion:
    Making a physical error on a squat/ swing/ pullup/ lift once you have learned the motion correctly only has the potential to be truly dangerous a fraction of the time;
    making a mental error in thinking your physical strength & 100 reps of a punching drill will constitute “self-defense” if God forbid the need arose has the potential to be supremely dangerous, and may be a mistake you only make once.

    Teach what you know; know what you teach. If you teach someone self defense or even just striking, it should be after practicing and putting into practice those ideas & techniques. Missing a rep on a front squat is one fucking hell of a lot different than teaching a person how to “defend themselves” and sending them into our dangerous world because CrossFit, or any organization, gave you a piece of paper and a set of hand wraps after a weekend of training and a beer social.

    Teaching thorough, complete human movement as a concept: excellent idea.
    “Certifying” trainers in striking/ self defense in one weekend that have largely never put the skills into non-passive practice: irresponsible/ ego (and money) driven/ dangerous.