Convergence AAR #003: Tire Flip

    The group, most well-under 200lbs and others just a bit over,

    flipping our 500lb. and 750lb. tire…

    Not just once.

    The Devil’s in the details:

    In setting up a tire flip, we direct people to attach the chest and chin to the tire (or, in the case of a very large tire, the shoulder and side of head),

    then hook the hands,

    and then coil and lock the lower body into place.

    Although leaning forward, all the structural and mechanical details of a strong hinge position should be accounted for in each lift,

    and double-checked prior to making it.

    With back flat, guts braced and “fat”, and weight on the mid foot, we drive the tire forward- not up-

    and follow through with vicious hips as soon as the bottom of the tire clears your knees.

    Remember- the arms are helpers, but are not a primary mover.

    Attach, adjust, brace, and drive;

    The steps don’t have to take long, but they need to occur.

    Move the tire like you’re trying to hurt it, and brace like it’s trying to hurt you;

    There is no value to a casual or passive tire flip.