Mace Lifting. (The real kind.)

    For hundreds of years, wrestling cultures (known to produce some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world… ) have used maces as a cornerstone of their physical training,

    and their history has become something of legend for many that follow closely.

    In light of centuries of valuable proof, and *being* one of those that follows closely,

    seeing maces pranced around with like a cane in a fuckin’ Fred Astaire movie

    is more than a little disconcerting.

    (No offense to Fred Astaire.)

    Thank you, and please:

    Separate the forest, from the trees.

    The mace has been allowed to gimmickify itself, only because of how little is known of its potential;

    Sans-detail, minus reason, or too-light-to-be-useful, and you have nothing more than a fancy baby rattle;

    In that respect, the mace is no different than a barbell or kettlebell.

    We have performed more dissection, standardization, development, and application with the mace than anyone else in its storied history;

    Although there are few guarantees in this world, I can say with humility and certainty that something we have discovered or created in the past 15 years will- beyond any shadow of any doubt- improve you, if you allow it to;

    And we can prove it- Anywhere, on any one…

    Strong, weak, or anywhere in-between.

    Please remember:

    No matter what anyone tells you ( …in order to sell to you)-

    Any process without measurable standards is a guess,

    and sharp detail magnifies reward, while mitigating risk.

    Thank you for watching, and hope you enjoy.