Mace 360 + Extension

Today, a quick demonstration of our mace 360 + extension.

Excellent as practice/ reinforcement of aggressively engaging the entire upper body while moving the mace,

and in the acknowledgement of good vs. bad starting/ working position.

(The difficulty/ important instability felt in holding the mace at full-arms length should tell all we need to know about attempting to safely/ adeptly maneuver it from that position).

Vary duration of hold and rep scheme as desired, and make clear distinction between the “holster”/ safe starting position and… not that.

Once the mace 360 (and relevant accessory movements) are learned and practiced,

the goal should be the addition of progressive weight, quality reps, speed, and power.

(Just like with any other legitimate strength implement.)

No more 4lb. mace dancing;

Please and thank you.