Banded Abmat Sit-up


Often lost in the shuffle is the fact that athletes do sit-ups to stabilize, strengthen, and mobilize the midline and low back, and not for the sake of themselves.

That being said, we have several strategies/ additions to the standard Abmat sit-up that help ensure it is the guts that are doing the work, and not the momentum of the arms or upper body.

The banded version, as filmed, is also excellent posture practice, and keeping the band taught is a challenge in its own right.


Most usefully performed towards the end of a training day, do enough, but not too many;

Let quality govern quantity.

When posture breaks, butt comes off the ground, or we simply can’t get up, then either take a short rest and retry,

or call it and work hard to complete at least five more next time around.

A few simple schemes:

5 sets of 15 reps, with :15 seconds between sets

50- 40- 30- 20-10, with :30 seconds between sets

10 sets of 10 reps, with 5 breaths between sets (approx. :15 seconds)


Set Abmat behind you, not underneath you (a few inches from your body, not wedged underneath like a doorstop).

With feet placed at/ around hip width, and band placed across the scapula and driven tight with strong external rotation, perform sit-ups without allowing butt to come off the ground or posture to break.

Keep a strong, organized arch, and drive hips forward at the top of each rep.