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Wolf Brigade Hangman Rope


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The Wolf Brigade ‘Hangman rope’ is a simple, versatile, and long-overdue addition to our small product line.

Born nearly a decade ago of the desire to have less, but not DO less, we added a 8” loop to each end of a 6ft. rope, allowing for nearly infinite pulling, dragging, pushing, and carrying variations.

The fitness industry cannot afford any more novelty or singularity of product or concept, and that is the last thing we will ever provide;

Much like our maces, the Hangman rope is something we stand behind as a durable, sensible, provable multi-tool; Something that will only stop improving you, when you stop hunting the improvement.

Thank you for your continued interest and patience, as every path we’ve pursued in making this rope has either abandoned us or left us… hanging.

Now, we do it ourselves; As we should have from the beginning.

We hope you enjoy.