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Windmill (Bottom + Top Arm)

There are many variations of the kettlebell Windmill in circulation; Some of them are even good. We choose to...

Kettlebell Push Press

Greg Walsh of Wolf Brigade demonstrates the Kettlebell Push Press.

Kettlebell Swing Clean + Push Press

Video demonstration of the kettlebell swing clean + push press by Greg Walsh of Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, NY.

physical. 03/15/18

(Photo: The world only weighs what it knows we can take; But a mirror reflects every choice that we make... )

physical. 03/08/18

(Photo: The unbearable weight of humanity.) 6 rounds of: 6 Kettlebell push press- Left (each with...

physical. 03/01/18

(Link to article: "Public Service Announcement #2" ) 5 rounds of: 5L, 5R Kettlebell push press...

physical. 02/20/18

(Photo: What do we know about "exceptions"? They're everywhere. What do we know about the exceptional? They vigorously avoid them.)

physical. 02/08/18

(Photo: The border of safety and self-destruction.) Mace shovel press: 3 x 5L, 5R @...

physical. 01/25/18

(Photo: We must learn through learning; If it could happen another way, it would be called something else. ) 20 minutes of: Kettlebell clean/ swing clean...

physical. 01/16/18

(Photo: Science is a miracle (stand up straight). ) Deadlift: 3 x 5 @ (up to) 80% of 2RM 3 x 5 @ 65-75% 1 x 5 @...