Windmill (Bottom + Top Arm)

There are many variations of the kettlebell Windmill in circulation; Some of them are even good.

We choose to practice bottom arm, top arm, and both arm variations; Shown are bottom arm, and top arm.

Back leg drives straight, front leg bends strategically and minimally, and though force and weight are driving forward, we do our best to drive hard into the back foot! In both variations, thumb/ arm externally rotate throughout the entire lift.

There are many nuanced details of an organized and heavy-enough-to-be-useful kettlebell Windmill. We encourage detailed and purpose-driven practice of this lift, if it is intended to be applied frequently and/ or heavy.


Precursors (all contained within this very Movement Library):

We always recommend addressing each piece, before assembling the puzzle.

(Don’t skip steps, unless you favor impatience over performance… )