Mace “Short Shovel”

The “Short shovel” is yet another simple-but-not-easy drill that develops and demands “order of operations” understanding, and this one in particular either works, or, doesn’t.

Just as with the standard mace shovel- the hip, throws the hand. Bottom hand starts “in your pocket”, and doesn’t move until the hips tell it to!

Also just as in the standard mace shovel, the lead arm starts and stays viciously hard and straight; It is needed to end the ascent at/ around eye level, and powerfully control the descent right back into an organized starting position.

Brace before- not during. During, is too late!


Precursors (all contained within this very Movement Library):

We always recommend addressing each piece, before assembling the puzzle. (Don’t skip steps, unless you favor impatience over performance…)