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Mixed Grip Pull-up

Once foundational pull-up details are practiced and familiar, switching the grip 50/50 allows for a few more quality reps, and also aids...


Decades of gymnastics coaches will have many excellent details on this foundational gymnastic movement; We used it sparingly, and specifically, and it...

Heather McAllister | Instagram Live – Movement Details & Scaling

A condensed-yet-thorough piece covering standards and expectations, positional details, and progress-driven scaling options for several foundational patterns and movements.


Address the bar like you mean it, tuck into a strong hollow position, and pull with the pullers; No wiggling, no chicken-necking!...

Partial Pull-up/ Chin-up

Organized, progress-minded warm-up movement, and positional reinforcement. Eyes forward, no arch, no wiggling.

physical. 02/28/18

(Link to article: "Searching" ) 5 rounds of: 3 Power clean @ 75% of 2RM3 Pull-up...

physical. 02/21/18

(Photo: The shortest distance between two points is a... weighted line. That's how it goes, right?) Kettlebell row:

physical. 02/16/18

(Photo: Honoring identity, will surely be the death of me... ) 10 rounds of: 20...

physical. 02/08/18

(Photo: The border of safety and self-destruction.) Mace shovel press: 3 x 5L, 5R @...

physical. 02/06/18

(Photo: It doesn't always have to be everything, but it can never be nothing.) Pendlay row: