physical. 01/09/13

    Lone Wolf Cub
    Mix "Lone Wolf and Cub" with "Little House on the Prairie", and you've got everything you need to know about respect, dignity, personal interaction, humility, courtesy, and composure in the face of danger. Fiction often mirrors reality, and sometimes reality should closer mirror fiction...

    3 Burpees*
    6 Lunges**

    12 minutes

    Count and note number of completed rounds and half-rounds.

    Minimum requirements today:

    1 to 3 months attendance: 18 sets minimum
    3 to 12 months attendance: 22 sets minimum
    12 months + attendance: 26 sets minimum

    If applicable, each set under the requirement at the end of 12 minutes equals 1 minute on the Airdyne.

    Then, skill work:

    Behind-the-neck push press

    50 total reps at skill work weight (beginning with dowel or empty bar)

    *The burpee should be tight and explosive, using good midline stability and control to snap us up off the ground.
    **Each lunge step should find the front leg ending at a 90-degree angle and the back straight. Just because we’re stepping forward doesn’t mean we’re leaning forward.