physical. 01/20/17

    6 rounds of:

    3L Kettlebell push press
    1 Hand-to-hand switch
    3R Kettlebell push press
    9 Goblet squat
    @ same weight
    18 Mace 360/ Kettlebell halo @ (up to) 12kg. W, 14kg. M
    :30 sec. rest

    Select weight that allows for organized, powerful push press, and seamless hand-to-hand switches. Adjust weight by round as needed. If mace 360 is clunky, or not yet heavy enough to be useful at designated rep scheme, use kettlebell halo.

    Stay attentive, and attempt no rest outside of designated duration in each round.

    Then, 5 rounds of:

    5 Rocking chair
    5 Abmat sit-up
    5 calories Airdyne

    Today, entire drill is performed with a bumper plate in-hand (15lb. W, 25lb. M). Transition between movements with dexterity, and safety considered, do not allow plate to touch the ground; Hold aggressively in front of your chest, not lazily at your hips.

    The transitions are as much the work as the reps in this short training piece. Don’t overlook them.

    And then, “Time under tension”:

    Extended arm mace hold (minimum 10kg. W, 12kg. M)

    Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance). If time reaches two minutes, you may stop if desired. If time is under two minutes, do it again, and accumulate at least two total minutes.