physical. 02/12/18

    (Photo: Learn the hard way.)

    Back squat:

    3 x 3 @ 85-90% of 2RM
    3 x 5 @ 75%

    Kettlebell back squat (single):

    1 x 9L, 9R @ minimum 1/2 BW

    Double kettlebell squat:

    1 x 15 @ (up to) 1/2 BW (total)

    If barbell sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “3 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Break kettlebell sets into no less than 3 reps, and work hard to stay at/ above noted weights. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight, regardless of implement.

    If positional/ transitional details of the kettlebell back squat are new/ foreign/ clunky, please reference the videos linked at movement, pay the fuck attention, and make progress.


    50 Inchworm

    Short, specific rest (3 breaths/ no more than :15 sec), no more than five times. Change the direction you’re facing, walk a few steps and move again, throw a burpee in there… Strategize intelligently, move efficiently, and get it done. No wiggling, no wandering.

    And then, “Time under tension”:

    (Timed) 10 calories Airdyne @ 100% + 250 Jumprope + (not timed) 50 hollow rock @ 15lb. W, 25lb. M + 25 calories Airdyne @ cool down pace

    Hollow rock: Take short rest as needed, and accept no sub-standard reps

    Airdyne: Cool-down pace should look like 30-40% of max RPM.

    Reminder! (Almost) all movements referenced above are demonstrated and noted on our Movement Library. Please use them to your advantage! No guessing!

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