physical. 02/04/17

    Wolf Brigade X Victor High School Basketball (2014).

    Squat complex:

    7, 5, 3- 3

    Weight increases each set (denoted by commas), and then remains the same for a heavy 2 x 3 (denoted by dashes). Begin at a moderate, challenging weight and end as heavy as possible; Each set should be difficult, violent, and positionally sound.
    Kettlebell is held in the Goblet position.

    Sound position and full range of motion dictate weight- especially in the jump squat. If chosen weight compromises either, adjust immediately and continue safely.

    1 regular squat + 1 jump squat + 1 left lunge + 1 right lunge = 1 rep.

    Then, 5 attentive, aggressive rounds of:

    10 Suitcase lunge/ Front rack lunge @ heaviest squat complex weight from above
    10 Push-up
    5 Pull-up/ Mixed grip/ varied implement
    100 Jumprope
    1 minute plank hold

    Scale lunge. pull-up, and push-up variation to ability in each round; Make challenging choices and keep a pace to match; put in what you expect to get out.

    And then, skill work/ fact-finding:

    Kettlebell snatch (From swing)
    Mace 360 + extension
    Mace front pendulum + extension

    Today, at skill work weights and with the guidance of a qualified trainer, practice the details of several of the lifts listed above and work until improvement is made.

    Start with the basic progression and add difficulty/ weight as appropriate. Accumulate lots of quality reps, and climb as heavy as desired once position and execution are sound.