physical. 02/12/13

    Ashley. Row.
    Top: Weight rowed to armpit (not hip), strong posture and lock out.

    20 – 16 – 12 – 8 – 4 of:

    DB Pushup row*
    Reverse lunge box jump**


    Accumulate 4 minutes each in hollow and Superman position.

    *Do not allow range of motion and structure of a proper pushup to change with the addition of weight in the DB row.
    **Take a full reverse lunge step, and immediately upon return to standing (with hip still loaded), jump on to target. Use the momentum from the lunge to propel the jump- coordinate the return to standing and the takeoff so as to not completely separate the lunge from the jump. Land from the jump with a loaded hip and transition right into the next rep.

    Ashley. Row.
    Bottom: hips up, guts tight, elbows back, chest to the ground.