physical. 02/13/15

    Rich. Barbell carry.
    Rich. Barbell carry.

    Farmer carry:

    5 x 20 yd. @ as heavy as possible in each

    Rest as needed between sets, and challenge yourselves- Today, a short break in the middle is preferable to an under-lifted trip.


    1 max rep set push-up
    1 minute rest
    1 max rep set underhand bodyweight row
    1 minute rest
    2 x 10 max height straight/ vertical jump

    Push-up/ Bodyweight row: Rest as needed in the plank or pike positions.
    Both: Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance).
    Jump: Rest as needed between sets, mark and match highest efforts.

    And then, 4 rounds of:

    Max RPM/ Max duration Airdyne

    Drive to and reach max RPM, and keep it there as long as possible. Slow to 30-40%, rest as needed (up to :60 sec. each round), and repeat. Put in what you expect to get out- keep the effort high even as output changes.