physical. 02/19/14


    8 rounds of:

    10 Overhead walking lunge @ 1/2 BW*
    :20 sec. rest
    10 Ab wheel roll-outs
    :20 sec. rest

    If 1/2 bodyweight designation creates or forces a compromised position, or demands more than one break per round, make as minor a weight adjustment as necessary to regain form and position.

    Then, skill work:

    Front roll
    Back roll

    Rope climb

    Practice each with the goal of making noticeable improvement in position, execution, and fluidity. Headstand/ Handstand: 5-10 minutes. Front roll/ back roll: 20-30 reps. Rope climb: 5 reps.

    And then:

    3 minutes Airdyne @ 60% (Forward)
    3 minutes Airdyne @ 60% (Backward)

    *Barbell, double kettlebell, sandbag, or even single kettlebell can be used to reach 50% bodyweight overhead.