physical. 03/02/15

    Be here.
    In the training room, time wandering is time wasted. Stay engaged, maintain a focus, make progress. Conversely: Earning strength and conditioning and making progress in your physical skill set should be rewarding; Things can be difficult without being burdensome. Difficulty in a task or on a path often serves to thin the herd, allowing those with the will to succeed a clearer road to doing so. True strength and skill are built on patience, focus, and mettle; If those are not qualities that you value, and strive to bring to your chosen training environment, there is likely a simpler path for which you are better suited.


    4 x 5 @ 70% of 1RM

    Rest as needed between sets; Today, each lift features a 5/1000 pause in the locked-out top position before returning the bar safely to the floor. If a full, strong 5/1000 pause becomes unsustainable, make a minor weight adjustment and continue. When scheme is listed as “4 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”.


    2 minutes double kettlebell rack hold
    (W- minimum 35lb. x 2, M- minimum 55lb. x 2)

    40 yd. walking inchworm
    40 Weighted Abmat sit-up* @ minimum 1/4 BW
    20 Medicine ball shuttle run** (20yd. ea. @ 15lb. W, 20lb. M)

    If designated rack hold weight creates/ forces a compromised position, make as minor an adjustment as possible to continue safely. Conversely, if the baseline weights presented do not pose a significant challenge, adjust accordingly. Ball remains in-hand but touches the ground at the end of each shuttle run.

    And then, at a non-lazy pace:

    5 minutes Airdyne (Forward)
    5 minutes Airdyne (Arms only)

    *Keep kettlebell/ weight anchored at the solar plexus or above in each and every rep.
    **Ball remains in-hand but touches the ground at the end of each shuttle run.