physical. 03/03/14

    Back squat:

    5, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3

    Weight increases in each set (denoted by commas between).
    Rest as needed between sets. End as heavy as possible for 3 solid, uninterrupted reps.

    Up to 5 minutes rest, then:

    3 Burpees*
    6 Lunges**

    12 minutes

    Count and note number of completed rounds and half-rounds.
    Focus on efficient, organized movement and specific breathing.

    Minimum requirements:

    1 to 3 months attendance: 20 sets minimum
    4 to 12 months attendance: 25 sets minimum
    12 months + attendance: 30 sets minimum

    If applicable, each set under the requirement at the end of 12 minutes equals 1 minute on the Airdyne.

    *The burpee should be tight and explosive, using good midline stability and control to snap us up off the ground.
    **Each lunge step should find the front leg ending at a 90-degree angle and the back straight. Just because we’re stepping forward doesn’t mean we’re leaning forward.

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